Family Maid Conscious Training 

Are you living in Beijing and want to eat healthy, even if you are too busy to cook?

Are you worried about what your ayi is cooking to your kids and to your loved ones and you would like her, at least once, to prepare exactly what YOU want?

I understand exactly how you feel. And I am here to support you and your family in getting healthy meals EVERY DAY, even if it seems impossible in a city such as Beijing. Thanks to my fluent Chinese language and my 6 years living experience in China, I have been training Chinese ayi for the past 2 years.

Since every family has different needs and I provide only customized programs to my clients, according to their families' health needs. I'll be happy to set up with you a Free Initial Consultation, so we can go through your needs and see how I could support you and your family to get healthy meals... without going out!


The Family Maid Conscious Training course include:

  • Eight 1 h lessons, once a week, for 8 weeks
  • 1 Initial Check-in Session with ayi
  • Recipes and Handouts after every session
  • A weekly check-in email to monitor your ayi progress and answer questions
  • Non stop telephone support between the sessions 

At the end of this course your maid would have been taught:

  • Guidance on how to handle basic kitchen equipment and appliances ayi is not familiar with
  • Correctly measure ingredients using spoon/cup measures and a scale
  • Basic western cooking techniques
  • De-junk your kitchen from unhealthy ingredients
  • How to follow a western recipe and make basic adjustments to it
  • Prepare several kinds of new healthy breakfasts and snacks
  • Prepare a western-style meal from scratch
  • Nutritional basic info from a western perspective
  • How to balance properly main meals and side dishes
  • How to plan a weekly menu
  • Healthy and funny way to make veggies for your kids
  • How to pick up the best ingredients from local market and international supermarket

Ready to change your kitchen in a healthier place? Contact me to get started!
Not quite sure? Still have questions? Email me and I’ll help you get clear.