After giving birth, although I already lost the pregnancy weight, I was struggling with hunger issues and not able to lose more fat. I was tired and couldn’t find time to go back to the gym.

As I have been struggling with overweight for years, I knew what was needed to be done, I knew we should eat more veggies, reduce fast food, do sports. I knew it but always found excuses to indulge myself and be a coach potato. I had been followed by a nutritionist, did diets, went to a massage therapist before, but nothing worked for long. So I decided to hire a coach, as it will help me on a daily basis and push me.

Alice is good at pointing out what we could try to change, and how we could do it, by making me think it is my idea. I also learnt a lot in the process about why we might feel hungry, new food I could incorporate, new recipes... But overall it is the method, and the support, that is very important to me. It helped me eat cleaner and cleaner, and go back to exercise, even more than I was dreaming to do!

I am cooking more, from 0% to 25% of the meals, and we are using a lot of the recipes provided by the coach, we experiment some new things, discover some new tastes that are very good! We added more vegetables and unprocessed foods to our diet.

So yes I lost weight and feel more toned, but on the way, I learned that eating healthy and exercise regularly is something easy, good, and I will not go back to my previous habits, and that is very important too. Long term changes are the only way to really change.


AuthorAlice Bianchi