The whole family started to have healthy breakfast everyday, sometimes cooked by Ayi the night before, sometimes I now do a quick one in the morning following Alice’s recipes.  We all gain more energy now everyday.  There are a lot more variety in the dinners now.  Much less carb, good meat dishes and a lot of vegetables. The kids like the new recipes a lot. 

As a result of having Alice with us, I realized I started to cook more frequently.  Our Ayi is a lot more confident with cooking and we have more well prepared meals now.  We are eating more vegetables, meat, nuts, protein, less carb.  The meals are usually delicious with new flavors.

Alice is very patient and nice to the Ayi.  I can see Ayi really enjoys working with her and feels good about the classes.  She is more willing to try out new recipes now. Alice can also explain the concept very well, and she always comes up with solutions instead of just the theory.  She has a very open mind and welcomes different opinions.

Both the Ayi and our family have learned a lot from Alice’s program.  The kids asked every week when Alice will come in, and Ayi is happy to try the new recipes even though those are very different from her own way of cooking.  The meals are delicious and Alice always adjusts the recipes based on our feedback.  The overall experience is very pleasant, nutritious to both the mind and body.

-Wei J-

AuthorWell Being Nourish