Alice has been a great help to me. The results are almost unbelievable. I lost 11 kg (that I really needed) and I solved a lot of health problems like constipation and constant abdominal pain. Now I feel prettier and healthier, a better person.

I enjoyed everything during the program! I thought that I might be hard because my goals were a lot and really big but together we did it! It was more like a game, a game where, if you are good you can only win! She has been a great support also during my kidney stones problems that I solved also thanks to her.

 I used to be a healthy person before coming to China. Here I gained so much weight and so many problems came with it. I had lost trust in myself, I was not confortable with my body at all and also my health problems, even if small, forbid me to have a relaxed life.

Now I am good! I feel better in every way! I can totally suggest her to anyone either to improve your health or your body!


AuthorWell Being Nourish