My energy levels have increased with the introduction of healthy snacks and I don't rely on coffee to boost my energy when I'm tired. I enjoy fruits and vegetables in a way I never have before because the recipes and suggestions make them so much more interesting.

My main aim was to keep a healthy immune system because of the environment in Beijing, and I'm happy to say I have not had any illnesses or cold and flu symptoms since starting the programme. 

 I get plenty of encouragement, and the recipes and plans suggested are always realistic and achievable. I know I can continue the new changes after the program is finished because every thing I have learnt is easy to try everyday.  I have learnt some really good habits!

 I have really benefitted from taking the six month program. Everyday, I'm thinking about what I eat but I don't think of healthy eating as a chore, it has become much easier than I thought and I look forward to trying new things. It has been a lifestyle change and something I can keep going after the program is finished. 

I truly enjoyed working with you and wish you much success!


AuthorWell Being Nourish