Thank to all the healthy food at home, I was able to loose 20 pounds. I gained a lot of energy that I forgotten I once had. My Aiyi began to make a wide variety of new and tasty food no longer limited to only Chinese and high carbs choices. I didn’t need to eat out at restaurants anymore to enjoy the food I ate.

Using Alice  as a Health Coach was a great decision for my family. For the past 6 years, I had difficulty communicating to my Aiyi about what kinds of food I wanted her to cook. Although my wife is Chinese, she felt it was better to leave it up to the Aiyi to make the meal decisions. When I made the decision to participate in the WHS 12WK Challenge to lose weight, I felt strongly that changing the food at home was a vital step. Fortunately, I was introduced to Alice and learned that she offered an invaluable Aiyi training service. She would be able to observe the Aiyi to understand her habits and over a number of one-hour lessons help teach the Aiyi to understand the benefits of organic foods (my Aiyi felt that organic were just more expensive and refused to purchase them) and how to prepare different dishes that were healthier.

Over the three months that Alice came to our home, the Aiyi’s became very awareness of the kinds of food I wanted her to cook and how to cook these new dishes. It was not that the Aiyi didn’t want to change, but rather that she felt intimidated to try new things, particularly western cooking methods. With Alice’s patience and Mandarin skills to address the Aiyi’s questions and build up her confidence, my Aiyi transformed. She began to make new foods that she had never made before and they tasted great (most of them). With positive feedback from the family, the Aiyi become more enthusiastic about make bigger improvements.

Today, my kitchen is totally reorganized and healthy. Out are vegetable oils and unhealthy grains; in are olive oils and healthy nuts. The cupboards are full of glass jars purchased from IKEA filled with different spices the Aiyi now uses in her cooking. Before it was the same meals almost the time, but now my breakfasts are different every day and lunches are delicious. When I come home from work, dinner is something to enjoy.

Not only did Alice help to improve the Aiyi’s cooking methods, she also helped the Aiyi to go organic. Alice took the Aiyi to an organic food market near the third ring road and connected the Aiyi with different organic delivery services. Now, I get organic chicken, eggs, and vegetables delivered to my home. Without Alice taking the Aiyi by the hand and guiding her through the whole process, my home would still not be organic.

Improving my home’s food quality has lead to a great deal of benefits. I lost a lot of weight during the competition (and won!) and after seeing my results my wife got serious and lost a lot of weight, too. The kids now ask if different foods are healthy or not. Reaching out for help from Alice was one of the best decisions I made in 2012! I greatly appreciate her help and friendship.


AuthorWell Being Nourish