My program with Alice has been very individualized based on my own personal circumstances, health choices, and lifestyle.

I had a major medical issue part-way through my program, which meant my program went off course (in my mind), and I felt quite down. Alice modified my program around the issue, and made me feel like I could still make positive changes and that changing my goals was not a bad thing. I think being able to modify goals based on real life, and real issues, is something that I have generally have trouble with, but Alice made me feel positive about the situation, and it turns out that the program has produced some positive changes in my life that I believe I can maintain.

The program has taught me a lot about food and creativity, but what I have like most about it is Alice’s attention to addressing issues in my life as a whole, rather than just one area, like food. I would, and do, recommend Alice to anyone, because even if you don’t have any specific areas of concern, it’s important to learn about what you’re putting in your body, and also look for areas of improvement (and everyone has them ;))





AuthorAlice Bianchi