Alice Giusto

Certified Health Coach and founder of Well Being Nourish.


My journey to health and wellness began years ago when I left a high-stress job and immediately began losing weight without trying. Realizing the connection between emotional and physical well-being, I implemented some lifestyle changes which resulted in a 10 kg weight loss and a much happier me. 

Exploring the mind-body connection, I discovered how the food I eat affects the way I feel, which perpetuates my desire to prepare nutritious food at home. As I learned more, people began asking me for advice with recipes and exercise. 

When I first discovered health coaching, I realized it was the perfect platform for combining all the things I love for the purpose of educating others. I eagerly began researching schools and training programs, ultimately choosing the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. What I learned there changed the direction of my life.

I founded Wellbeing Nourish to combine my love of quality food with my desire for living authentically to fill a need that so many people have: rediscovering their happiness for life! 

I believe a person's natural state is one of health and wellness. Love Your Self. When you take care of yourself - body, mind and spirit - the rest of your life tends to fall into place more easily. Are you motivated to make some changes? Contact me to chat.